Basic Information

Name: Brandia Masonsmith Rhyle Bella
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Race: Imperial
Occupation: Bodyguard/freelance warrior


Primary Motivator – Love
Emotional Disposition – Calm
Sense of Humor – Dry
Usual Mood – Content/Stoic

Outlook - Optimistic
Integrity/Morals – Conscientious
Impulsiveness – Controlled
Boldness – Cautious
Flexibility – Sometimes
Conformity – Heterodox

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Openness/Sexual Expression – Private, tender

Religious Affiliation/Worship: Dibella
Expression of Beliefs – Tolerant

Main topics of conversation: Usually what the other person wants to talk about but prefers deeper conversation about life and the universe

Quirks, Habits, Oddities: She can takes things quite literally and rarely reads social nuance, is almost always honest but misdirects if she needs to

Hobbies: Practicing her poetry, loving on a significant other, or combat skills to stay sharp


Physical – She has only average female upper body strength and must constantly work to keep her chest, biceps, and arms strong ot they'll atrophy quickly and she won't even be of average strength(Major) and her eyesight is slightly blurry due to many days in the sun(minor)
Ability – Outside of her talent with mauls and lightning magic, she's completely inept at any and all forms of combat including unarmed(Major)
Other Weaknesses: Trusts too much, loves too quickly, and expects these traits out of other people invariably leading her to be disappointed and hurt when they hold back which can ruin relationships(Minor)


Mental/Emotional Strengths – It takes a lot to make her upset or rattle her nerves as she grew up with threats on her life and insults against her. She's very loyal(but not to a fault), and is loathe to speak badly of anyone.(Minor)
Physical – She is extraordinarily healthy and physically well made, rarely gets sick if at all(Major)
Ability – She's very dedicated and focused towards her combat skills as she views these as essential for the people she protects to live(Major)
Other Strengths: She can cook simple meals very well and leaves few unsatisfied(minor)

On Their Person: She wears her armor like a second skin and rarely goes without it and her maul is generally worn slung across her back as well. On her armor she keeps a couple pouches around her belt to carry minor food items like jerky and for general handiness to have pockets.


Birthplace: Bruma
At least one mystery, conflict, or significant past event: (Mystery; The glass warhammer she carries today was a gift from a "secret admirer" that was left in the corner of the inn room she was staying at one night along with a simple note laced with perfume. She to this day has no idea if it's magical or who would gift her, a lowly warrior, with such a rare and expensive gift )
Family: Father was a Reachman conscripted into the Imperial Army and became a drunken wastrel but is now dead, her mother is a priestess of Kynareth who now lives in reclusiveness in the groves of Skyrim, her two sisters and one brother by her father are Reachmen she has little contact with, her eldest brother is an accomplished and high-ranked mage of the Mages Guild, and her sister is a financier for the Imperial Navy.
Conflict/Passion – She has both a love of people and romance and sex, but she finds she is also a warrior-born and is very disconnected and clinical on the battlefield. She has trouble reconciling how she can be both a heartless warrior and a frail lover at the same time, that she should feel incredible guilt for who she's killed but doesn't.
Challenges – She feels like everything she does in life and has accomplished be it in warfare or socially or love has been of her own doing and everything she's earned she's shed blood sweat and tears for. Just for once she wishes something or someone would put in the effort and take it off her shoulders so she doesn't have to fight so hard. She must learn to let go and stop trying so hard for everything and let it flow naturally rather than forcing everything to come about.

Other History or Personal Events: She was raped one time by a female lover. Also lost her first love to violence at a very tender age of sixteen. As a little girl she was often held at knifepoint by her stepfather as he would describe in intimate detail how he'd kill her and get rid of her body and explain it to her family. She found great glee and satisfaction when she was able to claim her glass warhammer, name it, and take care of it.