xxxxxxFor quite some time, the guild has used 'Bragging Rights' for all of our members. These Bragging Rights served as a central location for our members to put an OOC or IC update on work they have done for the House. Over the years, these are usually underused! So, we are completely re-vamping them and morphing them into something more fun, useful, and to create connections. Bragging Rights will now be called: "Inspiration Boards".xxxxxx

What is an inspiration board?
xxxxxxAn inspiration board is a board dedicated to your character that anyone can post on! This is to help build connections, learn about each others characters, and share in the love of the creativity we explore together. Such things that could be posted on someone's Inspiration Board about their character could be from either the person playing the character about their character or someone else's thoughts, interpretations, or inspirations of or about the character. This is also totally optional and participation is not required - but fun!

Some examples of what is encouraged to be posted are:

  • Images, artwork, collages, gifs, or other depictions of the character, about the character, or inspired by, for, or represents the character. These can be serious, funny, cute, meaningful, or exploring!
  • Music videos, music, voice-overs, or voice inspirations for the character.
  • Quotes from outside sources, other literary works, directly from role play, or other writing that inspires the character or represents the character.
  • Role play exerts, stories, journal postings, diaries, letters, or other writings concerning the character.
  • Bragging rights type themes of keeping a log of what the character did for work for the House.
  • Questions for the role player!
  • Foreshadowing, prompts, or other propositions to further role play connections either from the person behind the character or clues given to the character to follow from another!
  • Any other type of creative outlet!

What is not allowed are things like:

  • Judgemental statements, stereotyping, harassing, shaming, or any other cruel,
    negative comment in attempt to be passive aggressive, controlling, or rude due to any OOC misgivings, arguments, jealousies, or disagreements. It won't be tolerated and Leadership will delete the comment immediately without explanation.
  • OOC personal attacks, invasive, inappropriate questions, manipulations, bleed,
    or begging for things like ERP.
  • NSFW content that isn't blocked by a spoiler. Any excessive NSFW content or content not blocked by a spoiler MUST be in the Undisclosed section of this website.
  • Spoiling IC meta without the owner of the character's consent.

When will this be changed?
xxxxxxLeadership will be clearing out all inactive Bragging Rights into an archive and then all current members will receive an edit to the title and first descriptor post to indicate the change! From this moment forward, all Bragging Rights will be Inspiration Boards!xxxxxx

Where can I find my Inspiration Board?
xxxxxxAll Inspiration Boards will be found in your division hub on the forums. This will help people intermingle and learn more about what other divisions are doing when they go to comment on someone's Inspiration Board in a division that is not their own! All Leadership will have their Inspiration Board in the divisions they run or their character participates in. My own character, Rhea, does not run a division as she is the head, so her Inspiration Board will be located in the section of the forums titled Rhea's Office.xxxxxx