Of Pomegrante, Fig, and Olive - House Rousseau at-Rabiah Community Nights is a fusing and reworking of the community event Living Sentinel Nights, Audience with the Marquess, and other offerings House Rousseau has in store! We are revamping this to streamline our community events and open up days on the calendar so we will be able to support other groups offering community events! Each week on Thursdays, starting at 8pm EST, we will offer an event hosted by House Rousseau leadership or our members for the community to enjoy with us!


Our goal for the new 'Of Pomegranate, Fig, and Olive' is to provide events that assist community members in making connections with House Rousseau at-Rabiah and one another. In addition, our goal is to offer events that will have more casual ways to interact with House Rousseau leadership and our members and continue to bring life to the Alik'r.


Each week, an event will be hosted Thursday at 8pm EST by House Rousseau. We have compiled a list of event rotations that may occur, but one-time unique events may also spring forth through organic role play. The rotation of event themes is being utilized to create organic role play, keep things fresh, create both in-character formal and casual encounters, and allow for unique one-time events. After the event is over, on the Friday after of each week we will announce what the event will be for the upcoming Thursday.

To continue with the theme of Living Sentinel, we also will invite community members each week to host role play alongside us if they wish to create life in the Alik'r, although not every event we host will take place in Sentinel in-character. If anyone from the community wishes to work together, feel free to message leadership privately or just respond to this thread!

Weekly Thursdays at 8pm EST

First Showing - January 4th


The following events will be part of the rotations that we may offer. Members of the community can request one of these rotations to occur if they so wish. Please know that we may also offer unique, one-time events outside of these examples!




Sometimes, traditional tavern and inn nights are the best! A casual way to meet others in the house and also be introduced to the House Rousseau Inn. Come rent a room, enjoy the hammam, and meet the crew. Servant and steward staff will be present in many cases, if they are not available to be present due to OOC time constraints, NPC servant staff will be used that would be prompt, kind, and welcoming.

In-Character Location - House Rousseau Inn.
Out-of-Character Location - Sisters of the Sands in Sentinel or Private Housing Instance depending on attendance.



Formal Audience will be our re-vamping of Audience with the Marquess! Since the original event's beginning, the population at the event has ebbed and flowed. For this reason, we will occasionally run this event when it is needed and it certainly can be requested! Moving forward, though, the Audience may be led by any member of leadership who serve as the in-character advisory staff to the Marquess.

In-Character Location - House Rousseau Inn or Rhea's Estate, depending on attendance.
Out-of-Character Location - Sisters of the Sands in Sentinel or Private Housing Instance.

Feel free to contact any of these individuals for a meeting outside of the Audience as well, as I will include their in-character specialties here.. Please remember this is out-of-character information only.



The Open Court event will be similar to the open-courts that we led during The March War! These were quite popular and requested by the community who attended to continue so we thought it would be great to put them in the rotation! These will be coordinated by the Marquess, Marquis, or Count and although topics regarding the Alik'r as a whole are welcome, the focus will be on proxy areas. All walks of life are encouraged to come to the Open Court as all will be given chance to speak to bring up topics for discussion, offerings for the Alik'r, and to help inspire organic role play within the region. Nobility of the Alik'r or the Covenant are welcome to attend as well and will be announced per courtly behavior.

In-Character Location - Ra Kotu (Rhea's land) court room.
Out-of-Character Location - Sentinel Palace.

It is important to note that the discussions at this event will not reflect the entirety of the Alik'r as it is not our goal to speak for the entire region. Discussions of this event are to serve as a way for persons to interact with one another's stories and not to force others to accept other player stories as canon if they do not wish to.



To serve as a bridge between our two hubs, The Concourse and The Communion, we will be putting together an in-character gambling house! Be part of the in-character development of this gambling house by asking about it in-character! We will be developing this naturally through RP, hiring dealers for games, choosing games to be on the floor, and more! Individuals from all walks of life will be welcome to join the games of high stakes for a spot of coin and enjoy legal substances on the floor! Perhaps, in secret, certain underground developments may occur...

In-Character Location - TBA.
Out-of-Character Location - TBA.

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To serve as a bridge between our two hubs, The Concourse and The Communion, we will be holding more of our hammam nights! Individuals from all walks of life will be welcome to join to partake of services with the House Rousseau Inn 'bath house'. This includes things like relaxation within the public tub areas, spa services, beauty services, healing/medicinal services, and more! Have a drink and relax!

In-Character Location - House Rousseau Inn Hammam, called The Exotic Peach.
Out-of-Character Location - Sentinel Outlaws Refuge.



In-Character Rumor and News Mill

To better serve our two hub guilds and the community, we will be developing two in-character news digests. This will be one way that we are enriching our hub guild stories and connections by offering a way for IC rumors, news, invitations, advertisements, and more to reach our community as a whole in-character. This means that we will have planted individuals at our events that can take your rumors, news, invitations, and advertisements IC to spread the word - think IC rumor mill! This information may even be featured in our Monthly Digests for our hub guilds. Our goal with this project is to help others connect and receive news about community events and arcs IC!

Planted Persons - Now Hiring

Firstly, although these individuals will be planted, no news or rumors will be published in our digest without the person's consent. We will be hiring and hosting two groups of individuals to help serve the aesthetic of an IC rumor and news mill to help create our two Monthly Digests:

1. Active Journalists. Active Journalists will work to take in this information from your characters in role play! A journalist will hear rumors, take interviews, and request stories be written and submitted by your characters in addition to taking coin to have products advertised. If you wish to work as a Journalist, apply to House Rousseau at-Rabiah to our Serpents' division, which are our scholarly types!

2. Servant-Staff. These individuals will be the barmaids, bartenders, chefs, entertainment, and other Inn staff that will help serve those that may be at our events. Individuals who serve this duty will also 'hear rumors' as they serve you! No information will be published in our Monthly Digest without your OOC consent. Look out for these individuals at events if you wish to help get some news out! If you wish to work as servant-staff, please apply to House Rousseau at-Rabiah to our Stewards division, or servant-types!

The Digests

The Concourse Monthly Digest will be publicly viewable IC and will be regarding issues affecting the Concourse in-character. This can include news about issues within the community IC from all walks of life in our stratified society. Want to join The Concourse IC, which serves peace and freedom for all within the community, check out the Concourse!

Spoiler: Example of Concourse Monthly DigestShow

The Communion Monthly Digest will not be publicly viewable IC, as this will be regarding information of our underworld RP, which needs to be kept secret. This news will be seen at our IC Communion safe houses only and could not leave that area in an effort to preserve our IC. We may plan certain leaks to allow this to serve the overall community as well, but not in the form of a monthly news digest - perhaps clippings or just from word of mouth! Leaks are welcome, but please contact a member of leadership prior for consent. Want to join our Underworld RP that serves true freedom so you could have IC access to the Digests, check out The Communion!


The OP requests that this post is kept for planning, connecting, and news purposes - screenshots, news, questions about the event and getting involved, and updates so it can serve as a main point of contact for those seeking information or offering information about the event directly. If you have questions or concerns regarding lore or complaints, please feel free to contact the OP directly through an enjin mail! I would be happy to answer any of your questions. Alterations to the main post will be announced.