Secretly, House Rousseau produces Skooma utilizing smuggled moon sugar from a plantation in the Aldmeri Dominion which has been 'in the family' for generations. This Skooma is sold Tamriel wide and even right in their own Inn. Within our role play, the following should be known to be true and respected:

House Rousseau does not publicly support Skooma. This is a secret. No discussions of it should happen in the common areas where any member of the public could hear or see.

Any Skooma Use that is done in the House Rousseau Inn is done so secretly outside of public view. This means in the very heavily guarded Skooma Den to which only those who know the password and have passed certain requirements would be allowed to enter. Other than this, Skooma use would be seen only in private rooms. Absolutely no Skooma use would be seen in any other area, including open rooms in the Hammam.

House Rousseau holds a personal stance on Skooma to which would be known ONLY to the House Rousseau members:

"Someone will sell and distribute Skooma, at least we do this as safely as possible". Rhea knows full well that if her organization did not have such a large hand in the Skooma trade, someone else of more 'evil' intentions would.

"We promote true freedom of choice." Rhea believes in true freedom, which means she outlaws anything that strips people of their personal choice and promotes partaking of anything that someone would wish for - including Skooma.

House Rousseau does NOT sell to beggars. They don't bank off of trying get the poor addicted. The majority of their income comes from either The Communion or selling to higher rankings of society, to which also gives them a foothold politically.

House Rousseau offers the Skooma Den to which would be open to the public (of which have the secret password and are deemed loyal to keep the secret) to partake in safer use of Skooma. Of course, Skooma isn't 'safe', but House Rousseau does what they can by offering the next two services.

On-site Doctors and a weekly open clinic. We have real characters who play Doctors in our organization who are tasked with preventing and assisting with overdoses and/or persons who wish to become clean.

On-site assistance with addiction programs for those who want to be able to not use, or use responsibly. Of course, this would be difficult to manage for some as Skooma is VERY addictive, but they would do their best.

For OOC purposes - House Rousseau does not promote the use of any illegal substances of any kind and does not romanticize drug use. You will find gritty themes and consequences of the drug use within our role play. The GM of House Rousseau has worked as an addiction/mental health nurse for many years. If anyone at any time needs assistance regarding the theme of this role play may have on their own, if applicable, addiction experience - we are here to help!