Due to the success of House Rousseau over the past two and a half years, we will be adjusting our activity requirement for members. This change is being enacted for guild survival! We are blessed to be growing quickly, and our goal is to not drown our membership or overwhelm leadership. As guild leadership, we actively work to involve our members through advertisements, small groups, and personal communications. If we have too many members, with many not participating, this could lead to overwhelmed leadership and an unwanted to change to our guild purpose, goals, and standards.

Within a month's time, we will be looking at the member roster for participation. We apologize before hand if this causes alarm or inconvenience. Our goal is to not overburden, overwhelm, or drown out our 'family feel'.

With that in mind, the entire Code of Conduct page has been given an over haul! Most of the information is the same, but just prettier. But, here are the following changes will occur to the Code of Conduct: