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Of Pomegranate, Fig, and Olive - Living Sentinel Nights

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"Then Sentinel (for thus ever after was it known) already contained a port on its harbor, which port was the haunt of low Elves, and Men who did consort with Elves. And the shores were green with the leaves of pomegranate, and fig, and olive, and the men of the Grandee saw this and were hungry, and sought to come ashore, despite the warnings and cries of the port-rabble..."

-Sentinel, the Jewel of Alik'r
by The Unveiled Azadiyeh, Songbird of Satakalaam


Of Pomegrante, Fig, and Olive - Living Sentinel Nights, is a Daggerfall Covenant bi-weekly event with a goal to bring life to the Alik'r, offer unique random role play connections, and bridge gaps in the community to bring newbies, independents, and guilds together. Biweekly, a breath of life will be given to the port city of Sentinel, known as the Jewel of the Alik'r. All members of the community are invited to generate role play in part of the city during this time to create an immersive feel.

Take a break in the tea house, then walk down the street to the market.
Shop a few stalls, then head down to the docks.
Throw your line in the sea with a few fisherman, then return to the city gardens.
Explore an art gallery, then retire at the nearby Inn.

With each member of the community making up the whole, this event is for the community and created by the community. By serving one another, we can continue to bring positivity, creativity, and cohesiveness to the Daggerfall Covenant Role Play Community.

Bi-Weekly Saturdays at 8pm EST

First Showing - Saturday, June 3rd


Firstly, please be aware that participation in this event will follow the Code of Conduct of the Covenant Collective. We also encourage you to finish either the first Sentinel quest, or the main questline in the Alik'r in effort to open up all the locations within Sentinel.

Following a creative brain concept, this event will be organically manipulated by all of you! Bring life to the night in may ways, as either a opening a shop, running the tavern, opening a market stall, training at the Fighter's Guild, fishing at the shore, or retiring at the Inn.

To help provide some organization, we ask those that wish to generate a specific type of role play in a chosen area to sign up on this thread. Doing so will help those know where to find specific role play as well as to encourage the sharing of locations within the area through a rotation basis of the buildings within Sentinel on these nights.

Spoiler: Information to Include When Reserving a SpaceShow

Here are some basic Standards of Participation with this event:

1. If an individual or group wants to use a specific, public building/tent as their base of operations during the event, respond to this thread to reserve the location during this event.

We will advertise your reserved location as your place of business or a place where you will be helping to generate some type of RP. Although those who attend that area are not required to respect the reservation for their RP purposes, as we do not land claim, we encourage participants to do so to create cohesive atmosphere and support other players.

2. If a group is wanting to be permanently put into the rotation of using a location during this event, just reply so in this thread.

We encourage others to spread out! While we want to share and rotate locations, having too many using one location could get confusing. There are so many wonderful locations and we ask others to peacefully coordinate with those who wish to use a set location in the rotation. We are seeking to spread out to create a living city, while not spreading out so much that it is difficult to find the RP.

3. Each week that the event runs, the list of locations that will have someone located in that area to help generate RP and the details regarding the type of RP will be presented on this thread.

4. If you do not sign up for a location prior to the event - that is okay!

As this is an open world, we encourage others to populate areas, but please respect those who have reserved a spot to help exhibit their creativity. If you encounter someone else who has not signed up wishing to use the same location, positivity and working out the sharing of such area will be expected to be done independently, as we wish to foster a positive environment. Let's work together!

5. If you reserve a location, please show up!

We want to encourage the creative sharing of this beautiful game. If someone reserves a spot and consistently does not utilize the space more than three times, that person will not be able to reserve that space for three rotations. Of course, you are welcome to use the space when not reserved by another group at all times. This is to ensure that we are not reserving space from others who may want to use the space and provide consistency. If you are on a rotation and cannot attend when your week is up, please let us know ahead of time so we can inform the community.




1.)Sisters of the Sands Inn
2.)Sentinel Outlaw Refuge
3.)Bank of Sentinel
4.)Frozen Palms Tavern
5.)Desert Star Tea House
6.)Fighters Guild
7.)Jofnir's Quarters
8.)Farrokh House
9.)Customs House
10.)Rain Water Collection Spot
11.)Western Warehouse

12.)Western Docks
13.)Home of Dariah and Ferhad
14.)Ilkhas al-Azif's Home
15.)Eastern Warehouse
16.)Northern Warehouse
17.)Mages Guild Tower
18.)The Mystic's Mirage
19.)The Scalding Vial
20.)Royal Seraglio
21.)Guard Tower
22.)Sparring House
23.)The Forebear's Forge

24.)Eastern Docks
25.)East-Docked Ship
26: Thoda's Residence
27: Northeast Sentinal Gate
28: Impervious Vault
29: Sentinal Palace
30: House of the Silent Magnifico
31: Princess Lakana's Funeral
32: Sentinal Bazaar
33: Guard Tower
34: Sentinal Outlaw's Refuge
35: West Docked Ship

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Each week, those who reserve spots will be listed as promised to better help the community know where to visit. Get your sign-up's now! Rotations will be expected if multiple persons wish to use a location, and possibly just to offer the public in-game location as is.

Saturday, June 3rd

Mobile - Ayofemi's Travelling Cart

Spoiler: Ayofemi's Traveling Cart Additional InformationShow

#25 - Fortune's Prize Ship Arrival

Spoiler: Fortune's Prize Ship Arrival Additional InformationShow

#4 - Frozen Palms Tavern

Spoiler: Frozen Palms Tavern Additional InformationShow

#1 - House Rousseau Inn (using Sisters of the Sands)

Spoiler: House Rousseau Inn Additional InformationShow

#35 - Secunda's Queen, Crescent Trading Co.'s Flagship, using West Docked Ship

Spoiler: House Rousseau Inn Additional InformationShow

Saturday, June 17th

#1 - Sisters of the Sands as-is in game

Posted May 28, 17 · OP