Hey all, just wanted to make a quick post on my availability. I have several new things starting up all at once, and it may make my time in game a bit more limited until I adjust.

#1: I am a part time college instructor, and classes began last week. I have a Monday night class and one other 3 day a week class.

#2: I am also working at a Psychology tutoring lab my school is trying to get off the ground. I work there Tuesdays and Thursdays, and unfortunately ESO won't work on campus for some reason.

#3: I am starting a new master's degree program, and have 2 classes, 1 on Wed nights and 1 on Thursday nights.

#4: I am a facilitator for group counseling, but that is only Saturday mornings (minimal impact).

So Monday, Wed and Thursdays I will likely not be available until 8-9 PM CST. And that's not counting grading and my own homework.

Most likely the first couple of weeks I may just have limited energy until I adjust to the schedule, but I will get into the swing of things. I'll be in Discord (and may be able to do some Discord RP especially on Tuesday and Thursdays).